Sweet Petunia Clothing Company
A Happy Little Clothing Company!
Made in the USA

Sweet Petunia Clothing keeps our lives creative every day! As moms (of girls, who would guess?), we get to create pieces that remind us of our childhood and outfit our future! Many of our designs are inspired by our huge vintage pattern collection.

Sweet Petunia Clothing is the home of 3 brands: Gus & Lola, Sweet Petunia, and our latest addition A Happy Little Clothing Company! We have been in business since September 2002- Over 12 wonderful years! Our children's clothing designs are straight-forward and fun, with a focus on comfort and sizing. And, it's all made right here in the Midwest.

Sweet Petunia Clothing
3544 Hempstead St
St. Charles, MO

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anytime at via email at: customerservice@sweetpetuniaclothing.com